Farm to Can Challenge

Farm to Can Challenge

About the tour

Ever wonder where exactly the food in your pantry comes from? That’s what influencers from across the country were challenged to discover. Touring farms and nearby canning facilities, influencers witnessed the sprawling fields of produce, met the farmers, and watched produce be inspected for high quality standards.



Spending three days in Indianapolis, Indiana, influencers followed tomatoes from the farm to the can and even beyond to the dinner table. They had the opportunity to take everything in and see how cans can make life refreshingly real. Influencers learned about the growing and harvesting process, watched the tomatoes arrive at the canning facility to be prepped and canned and enjoyed gourmet meals from award-winning chefs that featured canned ingredients.

Scroll on to hear more from the influencers themselves about their #FarmtoCan experience.

Maryea-Happy-Healthy-Mama-Farm-to-Can“Many people have preconceived notions about canned food, myself included. Getting a chance to see up close the care and love that goes into the canned food process and learn about the nutrition of canned food really opened my eyes.”



Erika-Living-Well-Mom-Tomato-Farm-to-Can“I used to think canned food was full of preservatives and I certainly wouldn’t have considered it fresh, especially compared with fresh produce. I also didn’t believe they were as nutritious as fresh produce. While I always kept some cans in my pantry, I used them reluctantly and almost felt guilty about it because they were so convenient. After all, doesn’t convenient mean unhealthy? But over the years I’ve learned that perception isn’t always reality. And my former perception of canned foods was wrong.”




“I love canned items. They offer a level of convenience that makes cooking for a family of 5 that dicing fresh foods just doesn’t. My favorites to buy canned are beans, tuna, and tomatoes so when I was invited to visit a tomato farm and canning facility I jumped at the opportunity.”




Katya-Little-Broken-cans-Farm-to-Can“In summary, I discovered that canned foods are equally nutritious and are a great source of fruits and vegetables. They are safe and shelf-stable, and cans are environmentally friendly. In fact, steel food cans are 100% recyclable. Just like with anything else, simply reading the labels of canned goods is a good way to ensure that the ingredients are clean and that there are not additives.”




Meghan-Clean-Eats-Fast-Feets-cans-Farm-to-Can“The final thing I learned was you can make some pretty fabulous food from canned goods. I’ve always thought of them as easy (hello built in Sous-chef), but now I’ll think of them as elegant as well.”




“Canned food is nutritious, convenient and affordable. Using canned food helps us waste less food while being environmentally friendly. There are so many benefits to eating canned food, and busy parents like ourselves should take advantage of it.”




Emily-Busy-Mommy-tomato-field-Farm-to-Can“Most consumers don’t realize that not only is canned food nutritious, but it is environmentally-friendly and helps curb food waste. Fruit and vegetables are harvested and canned within hours, which minimizes the impact on the environment. Aluminum and steel cans are actually 100% recyclable and 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today!”




Nancy-Bitter-Side-of-Sweet-tomatoes-Farm-to-Can“As of March of this year 90% of canned foods were BPA free! I will have to tell you that before I went on this trip I didn’t know anything about BPA. After reading up on it I understand the concern. I really only thought that we had to worry about BPA in plastics and didn’t realize it was an issue in the cans that are made for canned foods. After talking with representatives from Can Manufacturers Institute this seems to be a high priority for them and are constantly working on making a better, safer can lining!”



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